Initial Configuration Checklist

When you first access ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine, configure your network by performing the following steps.

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  1. Organize, add, and configure devices in ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine.
    1. Establish the default configuration for each group of devices and add them to the ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine database.
    2. Create maps based on the geographical location of devices.
    3. Configure individual devices and add them to ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine.
  2. Add ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine users, configure their access privileges, and define the method used to authenticate.
    1. Create user groups with a specific set of access privileges called capabilities in ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine.
    2. Add individual users and assign them to user groups based on the credentials they require.
    3. Set the method used to authenticate users (OS, LDAP, RADIUS, or TACACS+) when accessing ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine.
  3. Configure optional device settings.
    1. Configure ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine outgoing email.
    2. Configure file transfer settings:
      1. FTP Server
      2. SCP Server
      3. TFTP Server
    3. Configure policies.
    4. Configure ExtremeControl.
    5. Configure ExtremeAnalytics.