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ExtremeCloud IQ - Site Engine provides access to web-based reporting, network analysis, troubleshooting, and helpdesk tools. ExtremeCloud IQ - Site Engine includes wired/wireless dashboards, reports, end-system information and policy, interactive topology maps, application identification, web-based FlexViews, device views, and event logs. NetFlow diagnostics enable assessment of network issues and performance. Search functionality enables you to search for end-systems by MAC address, IP address, end-system name, or user name.

ExtremeCloud IQ - Site Engine includes the following tabs:

ExtremeCloud IQ - Site Engine Highlights

  • 22.09.13 is a maintenance release. See the Release Notes for customer defects and known issues.
  • 22.09.10 enhancements
    • ExtremeManagement Enhancements
      • License revocation in Air Gap mode
      • Air Gap to Connected mode
      • Launching a WebShell/Terminal audit
      • AP5010 support
      • AP305C-1 and AP410C-1 support
      • Update Rapid_City MIB to contain rcVirtualService
      • ZTP+ Image supports EXOS
      • Downloadable Show Support and NAC Failure handling in Show Support
      • Consolidation of installation/upgrade files into one
    • ExtremeControl Enhancements
      • New NBI for Policy Mapping
      • New NBI API calls for NAC Radius configuration
      • NAC Trusted Certificate Authorities & intermediate CA