Compass Options

Selecting Compass and expanding Configuration in the left panel of the Options tab provides the following view, where you can view Compass SNMP MIBs and Search options.

Double-click Configuration in the left-panel to open the Compass Configuration window, which allows you to specify and limit your search options. Changing a value from the system default causes a Default Value button to appear. Selecting this button changes the field back to the system default value.

Admin Options - Compass

Search Limits

Use these options to configure the Compass search in ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine. In addition to search options, they include search limit settings, which are used to help limit the ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine server resources used for the searches.
  • Number of Devices Allowed for a Search — The maximum number of devices that can be included in a search.
  • Number of Search Results Allowed — The maximum number of search results that can be displayed in the table.
  • Number of Searches Allowed at Once — The maximum number of ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine Compass searches that can be performed at one time.
  • Time Limit for a Search — The maximum search time.

Search ExtremeControl Database

Select this checkbox to include ExtremeControl data in Compass searches. The Compass search begins by resolving IP address to MAC address in order to start searching for MAC-IP pairs from the network. When a match is found in the ExtremeControl Database, the SNMP MIBs are not searched unless the Search SNMP MIBs with Database Match checkbox is also selected. If the ExtremeControl checkbox is deselected, then the ExtremeControl Database is not used to resolve IP address to MAC address.

Search SNMP MIBs with Database Match

Select this checkbox to include various SNMP MIB objects when performing searches. When the checkbox is selected, the SNMP MIBs section displays, from which you can select the individual SNMP MIB objects to include in Compass searches. For additional information, see Compass SNMP MIBs Descriptions.

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