Obtain and Apply an ExtremeCompliance Governance License (Legacy)

To use the Compliance tab in ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine, an additional license is required.

To obtain and apply the license in ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine:

  1. Contact your sales representative to purchase an ExtremeCompliance license.

    An email voucher is generated and sent to you with instructions.
  2. Create an Extreme Networks Support Portal account, if necessary.
    1. Open a browser and go to https://secure.extremenetworks.com/.
    2. Enter your information and select Create An Account.

      An email is sent to you with instructions to activate your account.
    3. Select the link in your email.

      The Portal - Account Activation web page displays.
    4. Enter your Email Address and the Activation Code included in your activation email, if they do not automatically populate.
    5. Select Activate.
  3. Access the Extreme Networks Support Portal at https://extremeportal.force.com/ExtrLicenseLanding.
  4. Enter your Email and Password and select Log In.
  5. Select Generate License.

    The Generate License window displays.
  6. Enter your Voucher ID from the email voucher sent to you and select Next.
  7. Select the Terms and Conditions checkbox and select Submit.

    A window displays with your software license key.
  8. Copy the license key from the window.
  9. Open ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine.
  10. Access the Administration > Licenses tab.
  11. Select Add.

    The Add License window displays.
  12. Paste the license key you copied in Step 8 and select OK.
  13. Restart ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine.
  14. The Compliance tab is now available in the menu, allowing you to use ExtremeCompliance audit functionality.