Getting Started with ExtremeConnect

Use the Connect tab to integrate third-party software with ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine's ExtremeControl solution.

The ExtremeControl solution enables you to monitor end-systems and configure the appropriate experience for users accessing your network based on a variety of criteria. Network administrators can also have a variety of other tools to help monitor and control the user experience. ExtremeConnect bridges the gap between these tools and allows you to control your network configurations from within ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine.

  NOTE: ExtremeXOS/Switch Engine devices using ExtremeConnect must be running version 21.1.2 or later.

The tab contains three sub-tabs:

  • Configuration — Provides information about each of your supported network monitoring tools (called modules) and the services and options for each, and enables you to configure the end-user experience using each module.
  • Diagnostics — Provides information about end-systems and end-system groups analyzed by each of your supported network monitoring tools (called modules), as well as end-system statistical data.
  • Services API — Allows you to execute a client/server application, known as a web service.

ExtremeConnect Requirements

The following outlines the system requirements for ExtremeConnect:

  • ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine Version 24.02.15
  • Enough switches that support multi-user authentication and policy for the number of end-user sessions on the network.

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