Port Capacity History Report

The Port Capacity History report provides detailed information about the ports for which utilization statistics are above the threshold you configure (green) and the total number of ports (blue). A port is displayed in the report if the port is up and historical data collection has been enabled on the device long enough for statistic collection. The values here are the values displayed in the Port Capacity ring chart over the time span you define.

  NOTE: Use the Port Capacity Chart section of the Impact Analysis options to configure the threshold ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine uses to determine port utilization.

Select the increment between which ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine analyzes ports from the data drop-down list. Available options are Raw, Hourly, or Daily data.

Select the time span for which the report displays from the time span drop-down list. Available options are Last 24 Hours, Yesterday, Last 3 Days, Last Week, Last 2 Weeks, Last Month.

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