Ports Collecting or Ports Not Collecting Reports

The Ports Collecting or Ports Not Collecting reports display detailed data about the ports included in the Port Statistic Collection Status pie chart on the Inventory Dashboard.

Table Columns

The table includes the following columns:

Name of the port, which includes the name or IP address of the device and either the port index number or the port interface name.
Indicates if the port is frozen.
The index number assigned to the port.
The index value assigned to the port interface.
Shows the status (Up, Down, or Unknown) of the port.
Default Role
Displays the default role for the port. To set the default role, select a port, right-click and select Set Default Role. The Roles Selection view appears where you can select the desired default role. See Default Role in the Concepts topic for information on default roles.

  NOTE: Setting a default role on an ExtremeWireless Controller port that is not yet a VNS, creates a new VNS on the HWC.
Shows the alias (ifAlias) for the interface, if one is assigned.
Displays whether statistics collection is enabled or disabled on the port. A black check indicates that historical collection is enabled, and a blue check indicates that threshold alarms collection (formerly monitor collection) is enabled. .
Port Type
Type of port. Possible values include: Access, CDP, CDP FTM 1 Backplane, FTM 1 Backplane, and Logical.
The port to which the port is connected.
Port Speed
Speed of the port. Possible values include: 10/100, speed in megabits per second (for example, 800.0 Mbps), Unknown (displayed for logical ports).
The VLAN ID assigned to the port.
The VLANs to which the port is associated.
A description of the port and the device.
Port Type Details
Additional information about the type of port.
Serial Number
The serial number of the device.

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