How to Create an EAPS Domain

This section outlines how to create an EAPS domain, from the Network tab.

To create a new EAPS Domain:

  1. Launch ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine.
  2. Open the Network > Devices tab and select a map within the World map navigation tree.
  3. Select the EAPS tab in the Network Details section of the window. The EAPS Summary pane opens.
  4. Select the New EAPS Domain button. The New EAPS Domain wizard opens to the Select Devices window.
  5. Highlight the devices to add to the EAPS domain and select the right arrow button to move the devices to the selected device column.
  6.   NOTE: Use the up and down arrows to change the order in which devices are listed.
  7. Select Next >. The Configure Domain window opens.
  8. Enter a Name for the EAPS domain.
  9. Select the links to add to the EAPS domain in the Available Links section and select the Add button.
  10. Enter the Name and Tag of the Control VLAN for the EAPS domain.
  11. Select a Master Node and Primary Port for the EAPS domain from the drop-down menus in the Master Node section of the window.
  12. Enter the amount of time, in seconds, for the Hello and Fail timers.
    • Hello Timer — The interval, in seconds, between which polling signals are sent by the master node to detect ring breaks.
    • Fail Timer — The amount of time, in seconds, after the master node sends the Hello Timer signal until the master node detects a ring failure if a reply signal is not received. If a ring failure occurs, the switch can respond by either sending an alert or opening the secondary port.
  1. Select Next >. The Results window opens.
  2. Verify the EAPS domain is properly created.
  3.   NOTE: If the EAPS domain is not created correctly, select the < Back button to change the values in the New EAPS Domain wizard.
  4. Select Close to exit the New EAPS Domain wizard. The EAPS domain is created.

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