Archive Version

The Archive Version panel appears when you select an archive version folder in the left-panel of the Archives tab. The archive version is the date and time that an archive operation occurs. The panel displays a table showing the individual configurations saved for this archive version, listed by device IP address. Right-click an item or items in the table for a menu of options.

Archive Version

A yellow alert icon in this column signifies one or more of the following:
  • — Difference between this saved configuration and the previous configuration saved for the same device.
  • — Configuration save failed.
To acknowledge an alert and place a check mark on the alert icon, right-click the icon and select Acknowledge Alert from the menu.
IP Address
Lists the individual devices (by device IP address) whose configuration files are saved by this version of the archive operation.
Firmware Version
Shows the firmware version for this device at the time of the save operation.
File Status
The status of the config file: File Found or File Not Found/Missing. File Not Found/Missing indicates that ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine can no longer find the config file (it is deleted or moved) or the archive operation did not include saving device configuration data. Check the Description field for more information.
File Time Stamp
The date and time of the configuration creation.
File Size
The size of the saved configuration in bytes.
When a configuration file is saved, it is automatically compared to the previously saved configuration file for the same device. This field displays a message regarding that comparison. It also displays information pertaining to any alert icon displayed in the Alert column. If the archive did not include a device configuration save, this field displays "Device archived without configuration file." Rest your cursor on the field to display a tooltip of the complete description.


The right-panel varies depending on whether an archive configuration is selected in the Archive Version main panel table.

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