Create a Variable

Use the Custom Variables tab on the Sites tab to configure variables. Variables you create serve as a placeholder for a specific value. Use variables you create in a configuration template, script or workflow, in a CLI command, or in a third-party application via the Northbound Interface.

To create a variable:

  1. Access the NetworkDevices tab.
  2. Use the left-panel drop-down list and select Sites.
  3. Select the site in which you are adding the variable.
  4. Select the tab displaying the site name in the right-panel.
  5. Select the Custom Variables tab.

  6. Select Add to add a new row to the table.
  7. Select a Category, Site, and Type in the Scope section of the table.
  8. Enter a Name, select a Type, and enter a Value in the Variable section of the table.
  9. Select Update to save the new variable to the table.
  10. Select Save to save the new variable to the site.