Tasks allows you to create scripts and workflows and use them to configure tasks. Additionally, you can save a task you run on a device or group of devices, or configure the task to run on a scheduled basis that you define.

The Tasks tab contains the following sub-tabs:

The Menus icon () at the top of the screen provides links to additional information about your version of ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine.

Workflow Dashboard

Workflow Dashboard allows you to view a list of previously run workflows, information about the status of the elements within the workflow, and information about the devices on which the workflow ran.

The tab also provides a breakdown of the completion status of each of the Activities within the workflow.

Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled Tasks allows you to configure ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine to automatically generate reports, run a workflow or a script, and discover recently added devices. You can also use it to set SMTP Email Server Options to use when the scheduled task sends an email notification.

Saved Tasks

The Saved Tasks allows you to save a script or workflow as a task after running it on a device or group of devices. This allows you run the task repeatedly on an ad hoc basis.


Scripts allows you to view predefined scripts provided by ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine, and allows to create your own scripts.

ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine scripts are files containing CLI commands, control structures, and data manipulation functions. Scripts can be executed on one or more devices or ports, simultaneously on multiple devices or ports, or on one device or port at a time.

You can create tasks, which run a script on specified devices or ports at specified times, either on a one-time or recurring basis. Tasks execute the script according to a schedule you configure.


Workflows allows you to view workflows you create modeled as diagrams, with each action linked in a chain. After you create a workflow, ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine performs a complex series of steps with a single select. You can also define a set of actions in the event an action occurs successfully and another set of actions in the event an action does not occur successfully. After you create a workflow, you can schedule it to run on a periodic basis in Scheduled Tasks. Other action and task/workflow function sources can also trigger a workflow to run.

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