Fabric Manager ZTP+ Configuration (Legacy)

Fabric Manager is a resilient, scalable, and highly efficient network management application that allows your network domains to operate interdependently, efficiently, and with minimal intervention. Fabric Manager allows you to monitor the fabric topology and service applications on your network.

Fabric Manager is deployed as a separate virtual machine (VM) in ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine, and is enabled via ZTP+ (Zero Touch Provisioning Plus) functionality.

General Network Configuration

Fabric Manager supports two initial configuration modes for ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine discovery and registration: DHCP mode and Static mode. DHCP is the default configuration mode.

Use the Static mode when providing a predefined set of networking configurations.

Use the DHCP mode so the engine can communicate with the ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine server. The following DHCP settings and DNS mapping of extremecontrol are for when Fabric Manager is installed in DHCP Mode:

  • The DHCP Server needs to return a DNS Server and Domain Name to the ZTP+ device. It is the default mode of configuration during the Fabric Manager VM's initial bootup cycle.
  • The DNS Server needs to map the name extremecontrol.<domain-name> to the IP address of the ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine server.

Once ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine and the ZTP+ device are pre-configured, you can add the site definition to the ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine database. For information, see How to Add Fabric Manager.

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