Report Designer Overview

The Report Designer lets you create and modify custom reports by selecting from a list of available Analytics, Control, Console, and Wireless dashboards (system reports), and customizing the report component panels to meet your specific needs. The Report Designer also lets you create a new report based on individually selected components, or delete a customized report. When a report is created, it is available from the report catalog in the Reports tab.

The Report Designer can be accessed from the Reports tab. In order to use the Report Designer, you must be a member of an authorization group that is assigned the XIQ-SE OneView > Access OneView and XIQ-SE OneView > Access OneView Administration capabilities.

Creating a Report

There are two ways to create a report. You can create a report by customizing an existing system report or by creating a new report based on a selection of individual components.

Customize a System Report

When you change a system report, the new, customized report replaces the original report in the Reports tab and all other places in ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine where that report is used.

Create a New Report

You can create new reports and add them to your system reports and customized reports on the Reports tab. Use the tools in the Report Designer to choose the design and layout, as well as which components are included.

Modifying a Report

You can change a report's components and delete panels, but you cannot add new panels. If you want to add new panels, you must create a new report.

Deleting a Report

You can delete a customized system report from the My Reports section in the Report Designer. This also deletes the customized report from the Reports tab, and replaces it with the original system report. The original report is available again from the System Reports section in the Report Designer.

You can delete a new report from the My Reports section in the Report Designer. This also deletes the new report from the Reports tab.

Custom Components

When you create an Advanced Browser report in the ExtremeAnalytics Browser, you can save it to the Report Designer to use as a custom component. The custom component uses the target, statistic, start time, and search criteria you defined in the Advanced Browser report.

Custom components are listed in the My Components section of the Report Designer. They are available for selection from the Component drop-down list in the Applications Browser section when you customize a system report or create a new report.

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