Fabric Assist

The purpose of Fabric Assist is to help you set up your Fabric Connect network as quickly as possible. It will also eliminate the need to perform manual operations repetitively.

Fabric Assist helps you to migrate your existing VLAN-centric network to a Fabric Connect network. Fabric Assist accomplishes the migration by enhancing VLAN provisioning using the following features:

  • VLAN Trunk Mode – Identifies a port as a VLAN trunk and automatically adds all the device VLANs as tagged.
  • VLAN Range - Imports many VLANs to the device instead of manually adding and editing one entry at a time.
  • Layer 2 VSN Service Creation - Automatically maps VLAN entries to Layer 2 VSNs.
  • VLAN Pruning - Prevents the unnecessary configuration of VLANs that have no egress.
  • Import to Service Definition - Enables you to import a device's active configuration into a Service Application, which you can then use as a configuration template for other devices managed by ExtremeCloud™ IQ Site Engine.
  IMPORTANT: With the VLAN Trunk Mode and Layer 2 VSN Service Creation features, you can provision VLAN trunk ports and Layer 2 VSNs automatically. Do not use these features if the device is running Fabric Attach. Fabric Attach dynamically makes equivalent configuration changes, and if Fabric Assist is enabled, it will change those settings to static on the device.

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For information on related topics: